The Power of STEM: Explore FREE 6th-8th Grade STEM Curriculum

Presenter: Ben McCombs Andrea Durham
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Session Description: 
Are you looking for engineering challenges and curriculum mapped to the needs of your middle school students?  Join us as we explore 3 free interdisciplinary STEM units mapped to Ohio Academic Content Standards. Leave this session inspired to engage your students in open-ended problem-based learning that will demonstrate a whole new level of concept attainment!
Presenter Bio:
As a middle school teacher of seventeen years, Mr. McCombs has had the privilege of teaching students ranging from those with learning disabilities to those who receive gifted enrichment. For the past four years he has had the pleasure of aligning hands-on strategies with true STEM practices through his relationship with the Dayton Regional STEM Center. Mr. McCombs believes deeply in being an advocate for high-quality STEM Education and takes every opportunity to share his STEM experiences with other teachers, community members and most importantly his three sons through local, national,and home grown STEM initiatives. 

With seven years of teaching experience spanning multiple grade levels, Mrs. Durham has gained an appreciation for the importance of expanding students' knowledge in the areas of science and mathematics. Working the last two years with the Dayton regional STEM center she has honed her teaching skills and furthered her knowledge of science and mathematics by developing applicable engineering curriculum. Mrs. Durham uses STEM teaching practices in her classroom in hopes to inspire future engineers.