Techniques to Promote STEM Literacy
Presenters: Bern Schwieterman & Jay Borchers
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Session Description: 
Are you looking for ways to break through the traditional education format by creating a more engaging, robust educational experience?  Are you tired of talking about STEM and want to see action?  Would you like to see your teachers and students take the next step in STEM education?  Join us as we take you through our journey of building STEM literacy in our school from the ground up through the lens of both a building administrator and classroom teacher.  We will give you a big picture view of how a STEM specialist in our building has been able to bring authentic STEM learning experiences to students while also building the capacity of our classroom teachers to integrate these ideas into their daily instruction.  In addition, you will get to be a part of our hands-on STEM experience with details about how it can be used to efficiently integrate grade-level content while engaging students in authentic problem-solving experiences.  Join us if you would like to gain some perspective on how you can create a culture shift in your school to promote STEM literacy! 
Presenters Bios:
Bern Schwieterman has spent his entire teaching career devoted to helping students reach their potential.  He has 26 years of classroom experience at Southdale Elementary in addition to volunteering as a high school youth leader.  Bern has partnered with Farm to Table Program, worked to develop Kettering's Land Lab, Southdale's school gardens and other programs to promote learning and problem-solving skills.  Bern is a lifelong learner and has received awards such as Excellence in Teaching Award, SOAR Award, been a STEM presenter at SECO conference, and a STEM Fellow through the Dayton Regional STEM Center.  

Jay Borchers has been the Principal at Southdale Elementary in Kettering, Ohio since 2013.  Prior to joining Kettering City Schools, he had ten years experience in Mad River Schools as an 8th grade math teacher, assistant principal and elementary school head principal.  As an educator, Jay believes in learning for all, whatever it takes.  He is a team player that empowers his co-workers and students to achieve their best.  Jay believes in the local community.  He lives in Kettering and his children (Addison, age 4 and Parker, age 2) will attend Kettering City Schools.