Taking the Teach out of Teachers: Facilitating Learning Through PBL
Presenter: Cristina Paredes
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Session Description: 
In this session, teachers will discover how to facilitate learning in a student-directed manner while applying knowledge through project-based learning. Participants will engage in an interactive discussion and demonstration using hands-on materials, digital presentation, and classroom resources to learn by doing and be provided resources and collaboration ideas to put into action in the classroom.
Presenter Bio:
Cristina Paredes is the founder of Teachers Who TECH (TWT) - a learning community that supports the promotion and growth of real-world project-based learning (PBL) in STEAM fields. TWT offers camps, teacher workshops, and tech talks, and collaborates with several schools in the greater Seattle area. Cristina started teaching 10 years ago, in her home country of Ecuador, working on strengthening the national math curriculum through games. She fell in love with helping students apply their knowledge. In June 2016, Cristina presented at the Technology of Information & Communication in Education Congress in Ecuador. In January 2017, Cristina ran a hands-on STEAM Camp to more than 1000 K-8 students from 10 different public schools in China. And in March, she led 2 STEAM PBL week-long workshops teachers of public sectors in Beijing. Cristina plans to continue to expand TWT on a city, state, national and international level to open more continued collaboration and learning opportunities