STEM Job Shadowing and Internships: Background, Importance, and Students' Perspectives

Presenter: Kurtz Miller and Thurgood Marshall High School Students
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Session Description: 
This session will briefly describe the collaborative work between Dayton Public Schools, the City of Dayton, Oerlikon Friction Systems, US, Inc., the Dayton STEM Collaborative, Thurgood Marshall STEM High School, and its industry partners in developing a sustainable model of job shadowing and internship experiences for high school students. The presentation will provide background information about the types of school-business partnerships, how they can help to build collaborative relationships between very different institutions, and time will be available for students to talk about what they learned on the job site.
Presenter Bio:
Kurtz Miller is a curriculum, instruction, and assessment specialist at Dayton Public Schools in the areas of STEM and secondary science. He has been working with colleagues and industry partners on developing a sustainable model for building a workforce pipeline through offering high school students unpaid job shadowing and internship experiences.