STEM Growth:  The Administrator Role
Presenter: Amy Anyanwu
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Session Description: 
Traditional practice and internal fear of change can prevent the growth that our schools need today.  The STEM Education Quality Framework provides an anchor of common language that leaders can use to make decisions surrounding their STEM programming and opportunities.  Unfortunately, you often hear and see established systems and cultures that create barriers for STEM education; if left unaddressed these factors can prevent leaders from implementing STEM learning opportunities effectively in their districts.  This session will discuss leverage points that can minimize barriers and promote STEM education and the STEM Quality Framework. 
Presenter Bio:
Amy Anyanwu is the Director of Curriculum, Professional Development, and Instructional Technology at Brookville Local Schools.  Amy has over a decade of experience in curriculum and educational technology leadership and she has supported district transitions from the early days of securing tools for classrooms, to now helping teachers use technology as a medium for student led creation and innovation.  Her background as a teacher, curriculum and technology integration specialist, and principal have afforded her a deep understanding of how to build capacity in school systems and rally teams of committed teachers and leaders in a wide range of school settings.  Recently, Amy spearheaded a team effort to create STEAM classroom experiences for over 400 students grades 5-8 and in its success, is collaborating with several teams to expand this movement.