STEM Day in the Park
Presenter: Kathleen Bledsoe
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Session Description: 
STEM is for everyone, including parents.  STEM Day in the Park is an outreach opportunity for parents to experience a free, fun, and educational snapshot of STEM lessons with their children.  Additionally, many communities have more STEM connections than the general population may realize.  STEM Day in the Park brings those hidden STEM treasures into the spotlight.  
Presenter Bio:
Kathleen Bledsoe NBCT, BA Mercer University, MST Wright State University; Teacher Huber Heights City Schools; STEM Day in the Park Director; Presenter at National Network for Educational Renewal conference in Cincinnati, Ohio; Article about STEM Day in the Park published in Science and Children NSTA Journal February 2012; Contributed to article for USA Today about assisting parents to promote school success for their children; NSF RET Grant Participant.  

Kathleen has been teaching a wide range of learners at Wayne High School since 1996.  She was part of the first cohort for the Dayton Regional STEM Center and later served as a STEM Ambassador.  She used knowledge gained through the Dayton Regional STEM Center to select snapshots of STEM lessons for STEM Day in the Park.  STEM Day in the Park has become an annual event that connects students, parents, teachers, and community members in a STEM experience.  STEM day is only possible because of volunteers, especially her husband, that dedicate their time, talents, and energy to serving their families.