STEM at the High School Level:  Realistic Methods of Engaging Secondary Learners

Presenter: Carly Monfort
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Session Description: 
As the STEM movement progresses and is challenged, it is increasingly apparent that educators at the high school level face unique circumstances regarding implementation of high quality STEM learning experiences.  Thus, few secondary educators are comfortable making this major paradigm shift.  As high school represents a student's final stop before entering colleges or careers, it is most imperative that they are provided opportunities to hone their 21st century skills.  This session will address ways to combat the unique concerns presented in a high school setting, and provide realistic methods for providing high quality STEM learning experiences to secondary students, including a hands-on activity highlighting DRSC curriculum.  
Presenter Bio:
Carly Monfort is a Chemistry teacher at Centerville High School and the STEM Coach for the Dayton Regional STEM Center's STEM Fellow's Program.  She has participated in the program as a STEM Fellow, editor, instructional designer, trainer, and now coach.  As a coach, her responsibilities include program development, STEM Education training, curriculum editing, and facilitation of extended professional development opportunities. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in secondary science (integrated) education, a Bachelor's of Arts in Spanish, and an interdisciplinary Master's Degree in Engineering Innovation and Professional Leadership from the University of Dayton.