STEAM Night for Beginners
Presenter: Justin Cline, Teresa Ewing & Bern Schwieterman
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Session Description: 
Have you noticed the buzz about STEM in small pockets of your building? Have you tried to get the message out to the rest of the building or district, but was overwhelmed by the size of the task? In this session, you will receive specific information on hosting a successful STEM Night. You will leave with specific materials which will include: a copy of a Google survey probing for interested teachers/students, a promotion plan, possible hurdles to overcome, and how to successfully duplicate this initiative across multiple buildings. Please bring your device and make sure that you have access to a Gmail account.
Presenter Bio:
Justin Cline, a husband, father, educator, and leader, has taught in the Kettering City School District for 13 years, in grades ranging from kindergarten through fifth. Justin’s love for education and helping others succeed lead him to his position as a Curriculum Leader. Recently, he led a team of educators in the planning of Kettering’s first STEAM Night and initiated the creation of Kettering’s Summer STEAM camp. One of Justin’s goals is to see educators address all students as future problem solvers who are thinkers and doers.