Science Saturdays - A Science Experiment in the Making
Presenters: Kevin Cornell & Jeanette McNally
Conference Tracks:
Session Description: 
In collaboration with MCESC and the Engineers Club of Dayton, Mister C has been working to provide a live science show to the students, families and parents in the Dayton Area.  This session focuses on the ins and outs of creating a live show that connects families to learning well beyond the classroom.   This 50 minutes session will provide information to help guide other organizations in creating meaningful, and exciting learning opportunities for students and families.
Presenters Bios:
Kevin Cornell, aka Mister C, is the Director of the Dayton Regional STEM Center also the host of Science Saturdays.  With 14 total years of educational experience, Mister C knows that every day should be unique and exciting when working with students, teachers and educators.  Mister C loves to find meaningful ways to engage students with learning and uses music, video, science and math to make learning fun for everyone! 

Jeanette McNally teaches grade seven inquiry-based science, and has seventeen years of experience teaching and integrating all core-subjects in grades three through seven throughout her seventeen years at Miamisburg City Schools. She has actively served as a Fellow and instructional designer for the Dayton Regional STEM Center for nine years, and most recently as the STEM coach and co-program manager of the Science Saturdays show. Because of her passion for integrated STEM education, she has coordinated, facilitated and participated in numerous STEM education professional development events, focus groups and engineering intensive internships. Jeanette holds a grades 1-8 elementary education license, as well as a master’s degree with a concentration in K-12 technology integration.