More Than Just Content - Meeting Cognitive Demands with STEM
Presenters: Benjamin McCombs
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Session Description: 
In this session, teachers will participate in a demonstration of how to make STEM work for them.  Quality STEM units provide the opportunity to meet cognitive demands as well as prepare for career readiness.  Engaging students in STEM units and activities is not only a fun way to teach science.  It is a way to help our students to begin to solve problems and to explore the world where they are.  Our content standards direct teachers to meet cognitive demands including: 
  • Designing Technological/Engineering Solutions Using Science Concepts
  • Demonstrating Science Knowledge
  • Interpreting/Communicating Science Concepts
  • Recalling Accurate Science
Come join us to see examples of ways you can help your students to meet the above demands while you personally participate in hands-on activities.  See the added value as participation in STEM units direct students toward job possibilities that help meet goals for career readiness.  Learn how everyone may access these units provided by the Dayton Regional STEM Center.  
Presenter Bio:
As a middle school teacher for eighteen years, Ben McCombs has had the privilege of teaching students ranging from those with learning disabilities to those who receive gifted enrichment.  Five years ago, Ben had the pleasure of aligning his already hands-on strategies with true STEM practices at the Dayton Regional STEM Center.  He takes every opportunity to share his STEM experiences.  The opportunity to share covers many groups, from projects in his home workshop (with three sons) all the way to conferences at the national level.