Math 180: Expanding the Ranks of Students Ready for STEM Success by Intervening before Grade 9

Presenter: Marilyn Trow
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Session Description: 
STEM education and careers can be immensely stimulating for so many students.  But what can educators do to ensure that ALL students have the algebraic and analytical skills – and the positive mindset – to believe they can aspire to the STEM fields when they are not immediately successful in math and science in the years before high school?

Learn about the components that are necessary for successful mathematical and mindset intervention in the middle and JHS grades with students who may not be on the fast track for STEM success—YET!

This session will explain the strategies teachers should be using with such students and illustrate how those strategies look when they are pulled together in a modern, blended-model instructional experience.

Presenter Bio:
Marilyn Trow has extensive experience in the development, marketing and national launch of major leading math programs, holding senior management positions with leading publishing houses. Founder of the professional development house, KTM Math Visions, Marilyn has works with teachers across the United States as a trainer and developer of intervention materials for mathematics with an emphasis on East Asian models of instruction. 

In addition, Marilyn has been recognized as an exemplary classroom teacher. She holds a BS in Education from Iowa State University, graduating with honors, and an MBA in Marketing from Drake University. She is a member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. 

Marilyn currently serves as National Director of Educational Partnerships in Math for Scholastic Education where she trains and speaks about math intervention.