Leveraging Old World Crafting Skills and Popular Culture to Engage Students in Science and Technology

Presenter: Dylan Sturdivant, Mike Sturdivant, & Lettye Burgtorf
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Session Description: 
Join us for a hands-on woodshop project where we teach you how Ohana students learn through our unique STEM Program. We will discuss how surfing and skateboarding captures the attention and opens our students up to a deeper exploration of art, design, material science, hydrodynamics, biomimicry, manufacturing, ecology, and sustainability. While you craft your own surfboard, we will share with you several ways Ohana Institute has brought our children’s love for surfing and skateboarding into the classroom through simple yet effective woodworking projects.
Presenter Bio:
Dylan Sturdivant is an 8th grade student at the Ohana Institute. Like many Ohana students, Dylan enjoys a wide range of sporting activities, musical interests, and academic pursuits. Dylan likes to understand how things work. He is constantly researching, reading, practicing, prototyping, and even tearing things apart!  In the community, Dylan has volunteered for countless beach clean-ups, teaching autistic children to surf, collecting marine science samples, aerial spotting of whale sharks, and assisting in a local food bank.   
Mike Sturdivant is the Dylan’s father and a student coach at Ohana Institute. 

Lettye Burgtorf is the founder of the Ohana Institute a school where everyone is loved and accepted and given the freedom to be who they are.