Integrating Technical Writing for Student Success
Presenters: Angela McMurry
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Session Description: 
Students will develop a STEM commercialization proposal to be used in the Believe in Ohio program or a STEM research paper to be used for state science day.  This session will focus on the various components that are necessary for writing an appropriate proposal.  With the teacher guidance, students will be taught to find reliable sources, compare ideas from multiple articles, use appropriate citations, develop a plausible prototype, and present their ideas in a coherent manner.  
Presenter Bio:
After spending 10 years in the classroom, teaching everything from 5th grade to High School AP Biology, Angela McMurry currently serves as the Science Curriculum Coordinator at the Darke County Educational Service Center.  In this role, she enjoys the privilege of working with PreK-12 teachers in the eight school districts the Darke County office serves. Additionally, she has consulted and facilitated programming for over 200 school districts throughout the state of Ohio on the topic of science curriculum development and its implementation.  In her current role as a Believe in Ohio Advocate and Darke County Science Day Co-Director, she has been instrumental in implementing vital new programming to inspire Ohio's students to pursue careers in STEM, thus impacting the future success of Ohio's economy.  As a member of the Ohio Math/Science Coalition and the Ohio Department of Education's Network of Regional Leaders, I also communicate with state legislators and policy makers regarding educational mandates and policies currently impacting our students and classrooms.  She is a firm believer that students discover the physical world around them best by getting outside.  As a member of the Miami Valley Leave No Child Inside Board and creator of the LIGHT Project, Angela has an opportunity to collaborate with students, teachers, and the communities in which they live to see that this happens on a regular basis.  Angela is a dedicated educator and proud mom of two science-loving boys.