Give Your Science Fair a Digital Makeover
Presenters: Jill Lenser & Katie Henry
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Session Description: 
Are you tired of science fair tri folds?  Students in Brookville Local Schools have replaced tri folds, glue sticks, and construction paper with Chromebooks, Google Slides, and iMovie.  Learn how we gave our traditional 6th-12th grade science fair a digital makeover.  We redesigned nearly every aspect of the event:  from the quality of the cognitive tasks, to the connections to STEM careers, to the quality of the technology integration, to the nature of assessment.  New rubrics and guidelines were created and the degree of STEM integration was increased exponentially.  
Presenters Bios:
With 20 years of experience teaching middle school science, Jill Lenser is currently a 6th grade science teacher from Brookville, Ohio.  Through Jill's leadership, Brookville Intermediate School is evolving its traditional science fair into a modern, digital experience to showcase the connections between the Engineering Design Process and the Scientific Method, while still meeting state science standards.  Jill is the recipient of the 2015 STEM Leadership Collaboration award from the Dayton Regional STEM Center.  

Katie Henry is a 5th-8th grade STEAM teacher from Brookville, Ohio.  She is a licensed K-12 integrated technology instructor, K-9 principal, and K-5 teacher with six years of teaching experience.  In 2015, she won four STEM teaching awards including the Outstanding Technology-Using Teacher of the Year Award (ITIP Ohio) and ISTE Making IT Happen Award.  Katie is passionate about developing innovative and multidisciplinary STEAM curricula to support K-12 public educators.