From Content Standards to STEM Instruction: 
Dissecting Content Standards and Making STEM Connections
Presenter: Elizabeth Wolfe-Eberly
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Session Description: 
Content standards provide instructional focus for teachers, but are often open-ended and complex.  Participants will learn a five step process that can be used to deconstruct their standards in drive a deeper understanding of the content.  Additional focus will be given to finding STEM connections within your content, and how to translate those connections into STEM instruction in your classroom.  
Presenter Bio:
Liz Wolfe-Eberly currently serves as a Professional Development Coordinator for the Montgomery County ESC. Liz began her career teaching high school science and coordinating building improvement initiatives. After leaving the classroom, she has continued to support teachers and students through various projects, such as alternative education for at-risk students, curriculum development, instructional design, and assessment literacy. Liz has been with the Montgomery County ESC for the past five years, serving first as a Curriculum Supervisor and more recently as Regional Assessment Literacy Specialist. Liz enjoys working with teachers and helping them learn new information that can be immediately applied to their classrooms.