Escape the Classroom - BREAKOUT!
Presenter: Jill Weaver & Erica Hamm
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Session Description: 
Attendees will actively participate in a Break-out edu experience.Working collaboratively on teams, attendees will use research techniques, knowledge and clues to unlock learning and gain bragging rights to be the first team to escape. Break out classroom experiences are an innovative way to bring technology and critical thinking into the classroom. Incorporating game playing promotes engagement in a learning environment, and the collaborative elements utilized by students help develop social skills and enhance the learning experience.
Presenter Bio:
Jill Weaver teaches eighth- grade science at Valley View Junior High. Jill was selected as the Air Force Association's 2016 State of Ohio Teacher of the year. Jill was also selected as Outstanding Earth Science Teacher by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers in 2017. Jill has served as a Lead STEM Fellow for The Dayton Regional STEM Center and loves advocating for STEM education for all students. Jill presented at the National Science Teacher's Conference regarding connecting students with STEM in industry and creating partnerships. Jill was selected for the Pathfinder Teacher in Space program and participated in the experimental design of a high-altitude balloon flight at NASA Ames.