Enriching STEM Careers
Presenter: Ben McCombs
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Session Description: 
Career exploration in science allows students to explore various STEM based careers through project based learning with a strong focus on the engineering design process, 21st-century skills, and inquiry. These inquiry based activities enrich student academics and provide insight into STEM careers.
Presenter Bio:
I am a seventh-grade teacher in Kettering Ohio. I have been interested in STEM since before I knew what the acronym meant. My personal hobbies have often centered around building or fixing different machines. As a teacher, I am in a position to help my students develop skills in engineering their own solutions for problems. It feels like I am always teaching STEM as I share my science interest with my own three sons. An “optional” science opportunity is never really optional at our house. My different experiences with the Dayton STEM community have been amazing. They have all shaped my practice. I am always willing to share any ideas or techniques if they can help someone else.