Engineering in Action

Presenter: Chrysa Theodore
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Session Description: 
Ever wonder what really goes on in an engineering firm? Join the Vice-President of Cornerstone Research Group as she unveils the ins and outs of solving a nationally urgent engineering design need. Hear how 21st century skills and modern science are used to advance the engineering field and human safety in this highly engaging exploration of STEM careers in action.
Presenter Bio:
Chrysa Theodore received her Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Dayton in 1994. After working as a Manufacturing Engineer at Delphi Interior & Lighting and Vernay Laboratories, Ms. Theodore joined Cornerstone Research Group in 1998 as a Research Engineer and has the distinction of being CRG’s first full-time employee. CRG conducts research and development in an array of markets with core competencies in systems design, non-metallic advanced materials, and manufacturing process development. As Vice President, Ms. Theodore has strategic oversight and leadership over a broad range of technical and operational functions. She works closely with company leaders to resolve corporate issues associated with a rapidly changing and growing business, and to ensure that the company is managed through servant leadership and the CRG core values. Ms. Theodore volunteers her time to promote engineering through creating awareness for the next generation of engineers, and promoting the diverse career opportunities available with an engineering degree. She is an active Industry Fellow with the Dayton Regional STEM Center.