Differentiation: Growing ALL of your Students in the K- Math and Science Classroom (2 of 2)

Differentiation: Growing ALL of your Students in the K- Math and Science Classroom
Presenter: Candice Sears
2nd of 2 Sessions
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Session Description:
Teachers are faced with a broad range of students representing a wide variety of educational needs with the increasing diversity in classrooms. In order to effectively address students’ diverse educational needs, teachers must engage in good decision making driven by data. Students learn best when they start at their current level of understanding and are challenged - with support (teacher, peers, materials, etc.) - just beyond what they are comfortable doing on their own. We start the session learning how to use pre-assessment data to drive our lesson plans. Participants will learn strategies for tailoring instruction to provide opportunities targeting individual student needs. Participants will learn techniques that foster high levels of interest through choice and opportunity with individual accountability in a collaborative culture.
Presenter Bio:
Candice Sears currently serves as a Shared Services Supervisor for the Montgomery County Educational Service Center. She has a diverse background of professional experiences, including classroom teaching, private educational consulting, administration, coordination of special programs, curriculum supervisory and university teaching. Candice holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Reading and Literacy. She holds special certifications in gifted education K-12 and reading K-12. Candice is currently working on a doctoral degree in Curriculum & Instruction. She has several years of experience working with diverse student populations. Her responsibilities and expertise include: systems change efforts, curriculum and instruction, gifted education, design and evaluation of professional development, strategic planning, and director of federal programming.