Creating a Culture of Deeper Learning in Elementary Classrooms
Presenters: Mallory Randall, Kristina Dobberstein, Sarah Kerlins
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Session Description: 
Participants will explore three examples of Deeper Learning (DL) experiences carried out in Dayton area classrooms. Presenters will share details of each experience, specific learning targets addressed through these experiences, as well as the other qualities students develop through these projects. Participants will also hear about the administrative supports and other resources needed to make these DL experiences possible. Participants will leave with samples of DL experiences and ones being planned that they can work with other practicing teachers to implement.
Presenter Bio:
Mallory Randall, a native of Dayton, is a first-grade teacher at Brookville Local Schools. She holds a M.Ed. in Literacy from the University of Dayton and a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Cincinnati. She has served as a research assistant in the Education Department at U.C. and presented a project at the University of Lousiville in 2012. She is also a STEM Fellow through the DRSC. Mallory is passionate about STEM and Project-Based Learning in the primary grades and adapting curriculum to meet the needs of these engaged learners! She recently attended the Deeper Learning Conference in San Diego, CA to learn new ideas and practices to better equip herself and her colleagues with tools and strategies to spread deeper learning. Mallory is on a mission to inspire other elementary teachers to dive into STEM and PBL.

Kristina Dobberstein is a first-grade teacher at Brookville Elementary and has been teaching for the past 14 years. She received her B.S. in Education from Miami University and later went back to get her Masters through the Project Dragonfly Graduate Program. There she was able to obtain firsthand experience with inquiry-driven education and environmental stewardship. Kristina is a compassionate supporter of the environment and is dedicated to informing others on what they can do to help. She is a co-advisor of an after school ecology club that meets with third-grade students. In addition to her conservation efforts, she strives to get her students outdoors in nature as much as possible. Kristina also has a great love of books that she shares with her students every day. Whether it is journeying with Jack and Annie on another Magic Tree House adventure or diving into a great nonfiction text, Kristina is constantly on the look out for new books to read aloud to her students. Over the past two years, she had the wonderful opportunity to be a STEM Fellow and she is excited to use what she has learned to pair up great books with possible STEM activities.