Building Creative Capacity: Using Innovation, Engineering, and Scientific Thought Processes to Solve 21st Century Problems
Presenter: Carly Monfort & Sandi Preiss
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Session Description: 
Current and future job markets demand an ever-increasing creative ability of its workers, and of greatest importance is melding creative ability with scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical knowledge. This session will analyze the common themes and interdependency of innovation, the scientific method and the engineering design process, and will identify practical ways to develop creative minds capable of maximizing all three modes of thought.  Session content is appropriate for all conference participants including educators, non-traditional educators, business partners, and others. Topics of interest will include Affinity Mapping, Doug Hall's innovation equation, TRIZ, and Design Thinking. 
Presenter Bio:
Carly Monfort is the STEM Coach for the Dayton Regional STEM Center Fellowship Program and a Chemistry Teacher at Centerville High School.  She has participated in the STEM Fellow's program as a Lead STEM Fellow, editor, instructional designer, trainer, and now coach. As coach, responsibilities include program development, STEM Education training, curriculum editing, and facilitation of extended professional development opportunities.  She has earned Bachelor's Degrees in Integrated Science Education and Spanish as well as a Master's Degree in Engineering Innovation and Professional Leadership from the University of Dayton.     
Sandra Preiss has a diverse professional portfolio that includes classroom teaching, community-based education, and teacher education.  She has led innovative, educational initiatives across several organizations at the state, private, and federal levels.  For the past five years she has worked for the Montgomery County Educational Service Center as the Coordinator for the Dayton Regional STEM Center.  She has expertise in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education methods, teacher training, and educator assessments.  Her role as Coordinator includes project management, industry and collegiate collaboration, grant writing, innovation methods, strategic planning and curriculum generation.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in secondary life science education from The University of New Mexico and an interdisciplinary Master’s Degree specializing in Engineering Innovation and Professional Leadership from The University of Dayton.