Bringing the Universe to Classrooms
Presenter: Jennifer Patton-Hoang
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Session Description: 
Participants will discover how to access instructional modules that incorporate cutting-edge scientific data, digital media tools (e.g., data visualizations, interactives, virtual field trips, etc.) and address educational standards at PBS Learning Media. They will learn about the advances being made in this program and what will become available in the near future. Then participants will experience a STEM lesson using this resource to solve the following problem: Getting around in space is tough. It takes lots of fuel to send a spaceship to a planet. Here on Earth, you can travel without fuel by using a sail. Sailboats harness the power of the wind. But can you use a sail in space? Think of creative ways to move through space without fuel.
Presenter Bio:
Jennifer Patton-Hoang’s passion for children and education led her to Teach for America and a career in Urban Education after homeschooling her own children.  She currently teaches 5th and 6th grade Science with Dayton Public Schools in Dayton, Ohio.  Jennifer earned a Bachelor’s Degree, Cum Laude, from Ohio State University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Xavier University.  She has earned numerous Scholarships and Grants that have enabled her to expand her knowledge and commitment to STEM Education, including Otterbein College’s Operation Physics and Miami University’s WISE Science Program where she helped develop and pilot comic book style Science Lessons that deliver high-level Science content to struggling readers.  She is a 2016 Montgomery County Educational Service Center STEM Fellow and was nominated for the 2017 June Scobee Rodgers Innovative Educator Award.  Jennifer recently worked with a team of teachers from all over the state of Ohio to help revise Ohio’s State Science Standards based on suggestions from a survey given to parents, teachers, and professionals in the field of Science.
 Her most recent project, “Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms “is an initiative for the development of media-rich digital learning resources to increase students’ engagement with science phenomena and practices in the classroom. Produced by WGBH, in collaboration with NASA, these resources will be distributed free of charge through the PBS Learning Media platform, reaching millions of students and teachers nationally. As a teacher advisor, Jennifer is one of 50 K-12 teachers nationally who will advise WGBH on the development of these resources, working with leading media producers and educational researchers to design new ways to engage students around topics in Earth, space, and physical sciences.  Jennifer lives in Springboro, Ohio with her husband, Thanh, and enjoys spending her free time with her three children, Sara, Eric and Dennie, and her three grandchildren, Cohen, Daisy and Vivienne.