Step 1: Explore

Step One:  Shady Cove School is a model school in the Eagle Point School District. Please take a minute to watch the Overview/Awareness video by clicking the link: 

Overview/Awareness Video



How to contact us.  


Check out Shady Cove's Improvement Plan, Academic Map, and School Newsletter. 

Step 2: Dig Deep

Step Two:  Dig deeper into the wisdom of some key staff  members at Shady Cove School. See their complete interviews or explore the Questions and Clips section for an in-depth explanation  of key elements of their success. Click on the each person's link to go to their Questions & Clips page.

2a: Tiffanie Lambert, Principal

Step 3: Connect

Step Three:  Using a combination of IVC and desktop video conferencing  enables model school staff to interact with other schools for follow-up questions and support with out undue travel.   We don’t yet have an example of this from Shady Cove but please click on the link below to see an example of video conferencing in action and more on IVC use and  resources. 

    Connect Resource Page