Steve Prull: iPads as Creation Stations and Creating Self Graded Online Formative Assesments using Google Forms

About the Presenter

Steve Prull currently serves as the Director of Educational Technology at the
High Desert Education Service District in Redmond, Oregon.

Steve provides professional development for staff in Central Oregon school districts, assists districts in planning and implementing technology in the classroom, and coordinates the Central Oregon EdTech Teachers Cadre.   He is a member of the ORVSD Training Team and State EdTech PD Cadre.

Hiking, biking, and kayaking in Central Oregon and scuba diving in warm oceans are Steve's other favorite pastimes.

Twitter: @sprull
Skype: steve.prull

About the Workshops

iPads as Creation Stations - think Blooms Taxonomy:  Analyzing, Applying, and  Creating!

In this hands-on workshop we will explore how can we use the iPad in the classroom to facilitate learning at the highest levels of Blooms Taxonomy.  While many apps operate at the Remembering and Understanding levels, and can be useful, have your  students  use the iPad to demonstrate their evaluation and application of knowledge through creative projects and works.  You can address a variety of learning styles while fostering their engaging and creative expression using text, video, audio, art, and pictures.

Bring your iPad and we'll download and look at a few apps that can be used at many grade levels by you and your students.

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Creating Self Graded Online Formative Assessments using Google Forms

This hands-on workshop will have us collecting assessment data (pre-assessment, quizzes, exit tickets, etc.) in a Google Form, and exploring how to create and manage a table through Google Spreadsheets that will serve to inform and guide your instruction. By viewing this displayed data, you will have a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, the class as a whole, and your question set. 

Bring your laptop and google account login info and we will create an assessment form and spreadsheet, apply the script that does the work, and see the results auto generated. We will also take a brief look at formula's for creating your own self-graded assessments.