Laura Nickerson: 3 Great Google Scripts and Using Google to "Flip into Proficiency" in your Classroom

Laura Nickerson is a Biology and Anatomy teacher at Mazama High School in Klamath Falls OR.  As a tech trainer in her district she has provided numerous trainings on Google and other online resources.  Laura's students complete digital portfolios using Google Sites.  Laura is also trainer for the ORVSD and a member of the OETC. 
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3 Google Forms Scripts Every Teacher Should Use

So now that you can use Google Forms, it’s time to take it to the next level. In this training you will learn:
  • How to insert photos into a Google Form
  • How set up self grading quizzes within a Google Form
  • How to activate self emailing comments from student responses within a Google Form.
All using Google Forms Scripts! 

Google Apps to Flip your Classroom AND run proficiency based instruction - Why not do both in one year!

There are many ways to "Flip" your classroom.  In this session you will learn how we have successfully Flipped our Biology Classes and converted to proficiency based grading.     The second half to this training is a step by step walk through of how to use Google Docs to manage a proficiency based classroom.  Assessments, Learning Objectives, Student Records and putting it all together in on a user friendly platform.  All Free and All in Google!

Slide Deck for Presentation

Google Docs for Flipping your Classroom and Proficiency Grading