Arnie Abrams: Digital Storytelling 3.0


The presenter will demonstrate online tools for students to build and share digital stories with. Web 2.0 sites can take digital storytelling into new domains. Not only can students share their stories with the world, but now they can work collaboratively to build their productions. As kids are tuned into YouTube they are intrigued with the power of video production. Educators can capitalize on this interest by having students create their own digital stories. We will see how free web sites such as Posterous, Whrrl and Animoto offer a plethora of free tools for creating slide shows, video productions and other parts of the media creation process. We will see demonstrations of how sites such as TeacherTube and StoryCircles allow authors to get feedback on their productions and even to let others add to the stories. We will also explore how digital stories can be used in blogs and wikis.


1 What is Web 2.0, what is Social media

2 What is Digital Storytelling and how does it relate to Web 2.0

3 Example of a digital story

4 Web 2.0 resources for creating digital stories

5 Social media resources for collaborating on digital stories

6 Social media resources for sharing digital stories

7 Web 2.0 resources for discussing/critiquing digital stories

8 Where digital storytelling might go and how it impacts the educational process (writing/creating/analyzing) 

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Arnie Abrams Biography:

 Dr. Arnie Abrams is the author of  ten best selling books, most recently Learn Digital Photography in a Day and Award Winning Digital Photography Projects.  He is a nationally known authority on multimedia and digital storytelling.

Arnie is professor emeritus of SOU, serving 30 years in the Education, Computer Science and Art departments. The presenter was director of the Applied Multimedia Unit. He has over 30 years of experience in making technology accessible to teachers. He has given workshops on multimedia and digital storytelling to school districts around the world. He served as Visiting Scholar at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has served as educational advisor to Nikon Cameras and has received T3 and Microsoft Teacher Training grants.

His presentations at NECC, TCEA, FETC, CUE and NCCE have drawn capacity crowds for several years. Dr. Abrams highly visual presentations are known to be practical and quick moving.This presentation was given as an ISTE webinar to over 200 teachers this year.

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