Here are all the games that were created during the game jam, plus some more that popped up soon after.

Don't have the cubes? You can still try the games out in the simulator that comes with the SDK:

Super Space Cubed by SpaceTeam6

Super Space3, is a cooperative endurance game for three players using four cubes. Players start by docking their cubes around a central ship cube. They are then given one of three roles: Captain, Engineer, and Scientist. Each class has an independent touch action and an action that requires touching another cube. The Captain can order the ship to fire, or can link to another cube to assist that player's abilities. The Engineer generates energy by tapping rapidly and can transfer energy to another cube by touching it. Finally, the scientist can activate the shield by holding down a tap, or can repair disabled players by touching them and tapping rapidly. Players will have to work together and dynamically allocate resources to thwart more and more frequent obstacles as they appear for as long as possible.

game: space.elf


Beat Ball by AJLauren

Beat Ball is a rhythm game for the Sifteo Cubes. At the start of the game, a ball begins moving on a random cube to the rhythm of a song. When it hits the middle of the cube, it chooses a random direction (up, down, left or right) and starts going in that direction. The player must move a cube to the side that the ball is going to before the ball gets to that side. If the player can neighbor the cube in time, they get a point. If they can't, the ball blows up and the game restarts. The goal is to get the most points! This game is challenging and takes a few play-throughs to get the hang of.

game: beatBalling.elf


Zombeo - Awarded the Best Use of Sifteo Cubes -  by Saul Team

Will you be contaminated or vacinated?

game: Zombeo.elf

RPS Extended by Team Dennis

RPS Extended is a re-creations of Rock Paper Scissors. Using the sifteo cubes I could take the generic gameplay or RPS and add some interesting physical interactions.  Using the input method of the sifteo's cubes accelerometer adds another mechanic to RPS. It allow players to try and memorize other players physical input so that they can try and figure out what object they are going to choose.

game: RoShambo.elf


Maestro by Lazy Grads

Make instruments out of the aifteo cubes and compete with your friends in melody memory games.

game: maestro.elf

Shaking Shooters by Fernando Team

You control a spaceship that is under constant attack by alien forces. When the game starts, several enemy ships will appear and move towards your ship. You must evade these ships and blast these aliens to survive. By connecting and orienting the cubes representing your gun and engine, you can move and shoot in different directions, allowing you to evade and destroy the enemy ships. When you destroy enough alien ships to scare them off, you win. If your ship takes too much damage, you lose.

game: stars.elf

Element Trial - post jam submission - by team Elliott

A game where the player must perform a certain action determined randomly within a time interval that decreases as the player's score goes up. Can be played with up to 12 people if each person holds a cube of their own and waits for the action to be passed to them.

game: elementtrial.elf


Investion - post jam submission - by Lauren Scott

This is a game in which up to 12 players compete in a 3-commodity market by buying and selling goods with either the common market or with each other. The goal is to have the most money (Money + Savings) at the end of 2 minutes of trading. The 2 minutes are broken up into 15-second turns.

game: investio.elf