I am an assistant professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Columbus State University. I teach quantitative research methods, American government, comparative politics, African politics, international relations, and public administration. I serve on CSU's diversity committee and coordinated the Diversity Forum (including a panel on Black Lives Matter / Blue Lives Matter) which was attended by nearly 200 members of the public. Furthermore, I created and chair CSU's first Gay Straight Alliance. I am on the steering committee for the University's Quality Enhancement Plan, in which we assist faculty in teaching real-world problem solving in their courses. 

I have two primary areas of research interest: pedagogy and African politics. I focus on the politics of delivering healthcare; particularly on the failures of delivering essential medicines that are both affordable and easy to distribute. 

This site includes information on my work history, teaching philosophies and history, research interests, and contact information. Please feel free to contact me with information regarding opportunities to teach political science. I am prepared to teach numerous courses within the comparative politics, international relations, and political methodology subfields; and have experience teaching each. I am also interested in teaching courses that fulfill requirements for international studies and global development majors. 

I also hope that this website will provide useful resources to people interested in learning and teaching political science. All slides, rubrics, and syllabi included are my own and others are welcome to use them in creating their own class resources. In the Teaching Philosophies section, I write about some classroom strategies that I have found to be particularly successful. I hope that others in the teaching community will find them useful in deciding their own course practices and policies.