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Pay for Success Recidivism Program Project

Socorro County is in process of applying for funds to create a recidivism reduction project. The County currently spends 25% of the County’s General Fund on the local jail.  The population of Socorro County has not changed in twenty years.  However, based on trend analysis, the daily inmate population of our local jail has increased 3% each year.

Socorro County is currently constructing a new detention center to accommodate the increasing number of inmates. This has initiated discussions throughout the community, in determining methods for addressing recidivism within Socorro County.

Socorro County created a new Alternative Sentencing position with the overall goal of reducing the inmate population and reducing recidivism. Though the County has committed funds to create an Alternative Sentencing Coordinator, more resources are required to fully utilize and analyze available data. This data is imperative for the development of robust and successful programs that will address recidivism within our community and improve opportunities for our former inmates.
Therefore, Socorro County is submitting this proposal to participate in the University of Utah’s Policy Innovation Lab, Innovation Fellowship Program for the technical assistance in determining the feasibility of a Pay for Success project for reducing recidivism in Socorro County.