Welcome to the Institute for Social Informatics (ISI)

The Institute performs research on computer security directed toward enhancement of personal and organizational integrity. The Institute for Social Informatics is particularly qualified in the psychological aspects of security: How to avoid inadvertent leakage of sensitive information to unauthorized persons. For more details, see About.

Dialogue Management models are the current focus of research. These models are real-time operational systems. The objective is to use the protected data, in this case requests to speak, to guide the dialogue process. A pre-release version of the MyTurn app is now available. Speaker selection procedures are designed to enhance collective intelligence.

Previous work concerned Contagion Vigilance. These models are real-time operational simulations. They can collect sensitive data in a secure manner. They also provide reliable personalized data to the user. The most advanced proposal is for a Contagion Management System, which can be used to control communicable agents.

Security is the foundation for effective use of information technology, but it is unfortunately ignored in many cases.

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