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Fastest trowel on the block
Oct 24th 2015
Conner Prestwich places 4th

Snowflake SkillsUSA
Teamworks Students
Place 19th 
in the 

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Construction Tech
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Az Construction Championship

Left to Right
Kyle Perkins
Conner Prestwich
Layne Rogers
Rhett Chapman
Brett Perkins
Eli Beilmann 
Isaac Kee

1st place Masonry -
 Conner Prestwich 

1st place Electrical -
Isaac Kee

4th Hour rocks
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Arizona 's
                SkillsUSA 2015 
 Gold Medalist

Left to Right
Michael Abayta
Kyle Perkins
Chandler Touchstone
John Buckley


SkillsUSA 2015
Bronze Medalist

Dallon Woodside