About Me

About Miss Murphy

  I was born and raised in Snowflake Arizona. I attended Highland Primary K-3rd grades, Snowflake Intermediate, Snowflake Jr High and then Snowflake High School. After graduating from Snowflake High School and NPC  in 2007 I moved to Flagstaff and received a Bachelor's degree in education and minored in early childhood. 

    In 2011 I started teaching 2nd grade at Indian Wells Elementary in the Holbrook school district. After teaching for a year in 2nd grade I moved to 1st grade where I stayed for 2 years. I moved to Gilbert in 2014 and was hired by a charter school to teach first grade. Now I am back in Snowflake and very excited to begin my third year here!

    In my free time I love to play and listen to music. I also love cooking and reading. Learning new things and trying new hobbies is always exciting and fun. I have a dog named Cosette (AKA "Cozy") and a cat named Marius (AKA Mare). Cozy and I love to play ball, annoy the cat and play hide and seek. I have been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and vestibular migraines that cause vertigo.  My health is important to me so I try to eat extremely healthy and stay as active as I can.

Miss Murphy's Philosophy

    I believe that everyone has the potential to learn. The best way to help a child learn is to make them excited about what they are learning and thrust for knowledge. In my classroom I expect every student to be responsible for his/her own learning. 

    In this classroom we fully engage our minds by speaking and teaching each other. The classroom set up is a large part of our structure to become responsible and independent learners.

Each student is given a job for the week and is responsible for helping our classroom run smoothly. Students, parents, and school faculty are all part of a team. My job is to be prepared and knowledgeable and keep students safe. A student's job is to participate, ask questions and keep our learning environment organized. Working together we all create an environment of learning and fun.

Miss Murphy's Goals

My goals for this year are to teach the common core standards. I have been teaching common core for the past 5 years. Each week your child will be given a test to measure their knowledge. This will help me, as a teacher, customize an approach to teach your child individually. 

In my classroom I structure it so students gradually gain more and more independence  and eventually the majority of my teaching instruction is small group. My goal for your child is to become a self starter and work with their classmates.

    Character education is a large part of growing up. They learn important lessons at home and in the world. This year I will do all I can to teach students character strategies they can use throughout their lives.

1. Glorious kindness- Teach by frequently saying "please" and have students respond "okay", say "thank you" to the students and have them respond "you're welcome"

2. Leadership- Teach by praising kids who perform like student leaders.

3. Courage- Teach with anti-Bullying routines and encouraging students to address the class loudly and proudly.

4. Invincible Grit- Teach by assigning difficult tasks and then using the chant "We've got Grit! We don't quit!

5. Creativity- Teach by asking students to use new ideas.