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Speaking From Experience

posted Mar 14, 2014, 9:18 AM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

Speaking From Experience

By: Tacey Palmersupplies1-4.jpg

Snowflake High School has quite a few teachers who have been teaching at SHS for many years. Some upwards of 15 years even. One of these gems is Mr. Glen Stuart.

Mr. Stuart teaches graphic design. Just from a glance in a room you can get a fairly good idea of just how much of his life he has dedicated to art. Everything from the lockers, to the walls to the ceiling has something pertaining to art. In fact, if you look closely you can find some of Mr. Stuart’s works in other teachers classrooms throughout the school.

Stuart began teaching at Snowflake High in 1984. He originally taught at Sanders for 10 years, then went to Utah and taught there for a year before coming to Snowflake. When asked why he became an art teacher he responded saying, “I was struck by the stark beauty of Arizona.” Mr. Stuart most enjoys painting using the technique called planier in which one paints on site. He loves using all types of mediums to create his masterpieces.

Outside of art Stuart loves spending time outdoors. He’s often hunting or more commonly fly fishing.

And lastly when he was asked what advice he has for the younger generation he said, “Invest in yourself. If you don’t don’t no one else will.”

Glen Stuart is a very wise and talented man and we appreciate all the time he invests in the students of SHS. We look forward to seeing him for many more years to come.       

Teacher Feature: Mr. Runyon

posted Feb 24, 2014, 11:43 AM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

Teacher Feature: Mr. Runyon

-Todd Peterson

Snowflake High School is very fortunate to have many dedicated, committed teachers.  One of these teachers is Mr. Runyon, who teaches science.  All of his students, may know that he is an awesome teacher, but how well does everyone really know Mr. Runyon?  I asked Mr. Runyon some questions to try and get to know him a little bit better.  

Here are some things that students might not know about Mr. Runyon:  He grew up in Glendale and he didn’t even know that Snowflake existed until he went looking for a job as a teacher. Speaking of teaching, Mr. Runyon said that he didn’t originally want to be a teacher. He said, “I originally wanted to be some sort of scientist before making the decision to become a teacher.” His favorite color is purple and his middle name is Austin.  In his free time he likes to golf, read, and spend time with his family. Mr. Runyon’s favorite thing about his job is to see his students learn and progress.

The school is very thankful to Mr. Runyon for being so committed to his job of being a teacher. Many students look forward to having Mr. Runyon as a teacher for those who don’t already have him.

The Flemster

posted Feb 24, 2014, 8:15 AM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

The Flemster

By: Damon Gale

Keaton Fleming, a.k.a. the Flemster, is a freshman here at SHS. He is a very funny man and a good friend. Keaton enjoys chilling with friends and doing the things freshman do. Keaton said that if he only had one day to live he would “go to an orphanage and hug every kid in there”. Keaton really is a nice guy.

The Flemster has one person in his life who he sees as a hero, his older brother Parker. I know Parker and can tell you that he a great role model and would be a great brother. He also enjoys playing the clarinet in our high school band. He is also a member of the pit for this years high school production of “Anything Goes”.

Overall Keaton is a good friend and a great student here at SHS. He is very funny and knows how to make everyone laugh. Keaton enjoys his life and will for the foreseeable future. So next time you see Keaton Fleming roaming the halls make sure to say hi.

The Life of Sherri Claridge

posted Jan 24, 2014, 9:20 AM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

The Life of Sherri Claridge

By: Chelsea Gardner

Not many people know about Mrs. Claridge and what she does or how she became who she is. Sherri Claridge is a huge part of this school and she enjoys many things in her life. She is crafty and enjoys experimenting with food, paintings, and many other ideas she gets off of pinterest. Her favorite colors right now are coral and teal, and she loves combining them into her crafts. Sherri is a very crafty and creative person.

She was raised in Safford and went to EA after she graduated from high school. She has lived here for thirteen years with her three children. Sherri Claridge has always wanted to work at a school. She loves teenagers and being able to spend time with this age group. When asked what was the weirdest thing that has happened since she started working here she said , “The lockdown because of the threat by a taser.” She has loved working here. This is just a little look at the receptionist at Snowflake High School.

Bauer & Baseball

posted Jan 23, 2014, 1:06 PM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

Bauer & Baseball

By: Parker Nielson

Although baseball season has not officially started, there is very much excitement surging through the students of Snowflake High School. One of these students in particular is Hunter Bauer. I know for a fact the he is very excited for baseball season to begin. He has played baseball since he was 4 years old. His main position is catcher, but he can play any position he needs to. When asked about his favorite thing about the game of baseball, he replied:

My favorite thing is watching MLB players hit home runs.” I can agree with him in saying that, that is very exciting. I asked Hunter about his expectations for this upcoming season. He replied very confidently saying that he expected the Lobos to go deep into the playoffs and contend for a state championship.

“Everyone dreams of playing major league baseball at some point in their life, and so do I.  I would at least like to play some college ball after high school.” Those were the hopes of the future for Hunter Bauer, and I’m sure those would fulfill all of his childhood dreams. However, there is more to Hunter than just baseball. He will play almost any other sport, and his favorite things to do besides baseball are play the piano and hang out with his friends. His goal for the future include going on a mission and then going to school to become a physical therapist.

I sure hope Hunters predictions come true for the Lobos, but if not, I hope that he can accomplish his other goals as well.

Feature Story: Mr. Brimhall

posted Jan 21, 2014, 8:50 AM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

Feature Story: Mr. Brimhall

Interviewer: Tyler Lyons

Interviewee: Mr. Brimhall

(Start of Interview)

Interviewer: I’m told you work construction as well as teach.

Interviewee: That is true, but the problem is there isn’t much to be done lately.

Interviewer: What have you built?

Interviewee: Many homes, schools, churches, city halls, hotels, libraries, et cetera.

Interviewer: Sounds like quite the resume, why not expand?

Interviewee: I like being a teacher more, construction is a mostly part time occupation.

Interviewer: So how did you end up in the teaching role?

Interviewee: I graduated from Snowflake in 1979, got a secondary degree in history in 1994, and eventually my masters in Educational Leadership in 2005.

Interviewer: Where did you serve your mission?

Interviewee: Concepción, Chile.

Interviewer: Does that mean you speak Spanish?

Interviewee: Si, habla Español, I also served in the Air Force from 1984 to 1988 in       communications and rose to the rank of Sergeant. I was stationed in San Antonio and Wichita Falls in Texas, as well as Rancho Cordova in California

Interviewer: What made you join?

Interviewee: I had the desire to serve my country, both my father and grandfather served. I was an honor graduate after boot camp, the top two out of one hundred and four.

Interviewer: So what was your specific duty?

Interviewee: I sent and received classified information around the world.

Interviewer: That sounds like a James Bond kind of job.

Interviewee: Not quite, but I did have top secret security clearance.

Interviewer: So why don’t people call you Sergeant?

Interviewee: the military was a small and enjoyable time in my life, but the title of Mr. goes with being a teacher. Now if I had been a Colonel, I would demand that people call me Colonel Brimhall.

Interviewer: So what made you want to teach history after the military?

Interviewee: I enjoyed teaching about the past and seeing students put the pieces together to help them understand the world they live in today.

Interviewer: How has your perspective on history changed from high school to now?

Interviewee: I have a lot better understanding of it, and it’s interesting how things go in circles.

Interviewer: So history repeats itself?

Interviewee: The human race is slow to learn from its past mistakes and quick to repeat them.

Interviewer: So from that you would say that history is more than a class dispelling fats, but rather teaching kids to learn from humanity’s mistakes.

Interviewee: Definitely.

Interviewer: That being said, what would you say is our most important mistake in history?

Interviewee: The biggest mistake of mankind has to be their inhumanity toward others, the powerful exploiting the vulnerable.

Interviewer: Is there a way that you teach students not to make this mistake?

Interviewee: I try to teach by example, that all people are important and that the key to happiness is to respect others and face life with a good attitude.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time.

Interviewee: Thanks for coming in.

JESSICA NEFF: Hard Work and Teamwork

posted Dec 1, 2013, 1:59 PM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

Hard Work and Teamwork

By: Courtney Baldwin

If you’ve ever watched Snowflake’s girls soccer, basketball, or track teams you have probably noticed at least one player that participates in all three of these sports. This athlete is Jessica Neff. Jessica  Neff is a senior at Snowflake High. She loves sports but she, like most athletes, has a favorite. She said,“My favorite sport would have to be basketball, because I can get out my aggression and show my temper. Also because I am good at it.” Jessica was on the varsity basketball team her sophomore year and then started for the team her junior year. She said that if the team can come together and learn to play together they will be great this year.

While Jessica will graduate in May, she hopes her basketball career won’t end there. She said, “After I graduate I plan on going to college and playing ball at the college level. If things go according to plan I will go to Snow College or another junior college in the area.” Playing at a college level takes a lot of time and hard work. Jessica has seen college players and recognizes the time and work that it takes. She said Maya Moore is her favorite athlete because, “she has good work ethic and knows what she is doing on the court.” As Jessica continues to work hard and improve her skills she can obtain her lifelong goal of playing at the collegiate level.

Meet the BEST Substitute Teacher!!

posted Nov 20, 2013, 11:53 AM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

Meet the BEST Substitute Teacher!!

By: Parci Flake

Meet Mrs. Frazier.  She is married with two girls, Cassie (senior) and Amanda
(freshman). Mrs. Frazier was raised in Canada.  She attended Medicine Hat
High School in Alberta, Canada.  After high school Mrs. Frazier moved to
Utah and attended BYU.  She is a citizen of both Canada and the United
States.  Her favorite family activities include traveling to New York City
and anywhere that has a beach.  Because she has two girls in high school
she loves to watch them play soccer, she also enjoys watching basketball.
Mrs. Frazier’s favorite food to eat is fresh strawberry pie.  She
has lived in several places including: Canada, Utah, Indiana, Ohio, and

The reason Mrs. Frazier started subbing is because she loves to be around and teach kids. She also likes that she can be at home because she said “Being a mom
comes first”.  Her favorite thing about subbing is that she sees people
move through their educational career.  She loves to watch students’ progress.
High school is her favorite age group to sub, but she added “that
excludes freshman, there is a lot of maturing that happens between 9th and 10th
grade.”  Although she likes all the classes she has gotten to sub, subbing
for special education is her favorite.  She loves the sweet students that
are in that class.

Hargrove! Hargrove! She’s our woman!

posted Oct 11, 2013, 1:17 PM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

Hargrove! Hargrove! She’s our woman!

By: Kelsie Stratton

What do you know about Mrs. (Coach) Hargrove? Did you know that she is one of our P.E teachers? Okay, you probably knew that, but here’s a couple of things you might not know about her yet.

Coach Hargrove’s favorite color is blue! Why you ask? “Because I’m a Snowflake Lobo, that’s why!” she says. Her favorite food is spaghetti. Playing volleyball is Coach’s favorite thing to do, aside from playing tennis. Though she may be our tough P.E coach, mice never fail to scare her.

Heber and Taylor are Coach Hargrove’s hometowns. Her husband is also a P.E teacher at Snowflake (which you most likely know), and they have 4 children. Three interesting facts about Mrs. Hargrove are, “I am cheap, I love gardening, and I love playing with my grandchildren.” One more thing you should know about Coach Hargrove, is that her favorite thing about teaching is seeing progression in her students, watching them build character, strength, and watching them succeed.

Student Feature: Breklee Tanner

posted Oct 11, 2013, 1:14 PM by carriel@snowflake.k12.az.us

Breklee Tanner

By Marisa Godfrey

Meet Breklee Tanner! She is a freshman at Snowflake High School, and absolutely loves it. She is a very sweet, upbeat girl, and likes to have fun. She has many friends but her best friend is Whitney Davis. Breklee plays Volleyball, Softball, and Basketball. She enjoys all of them and couldn't be more happy to play them.

Breklee was born March 22, 1999 in Show Low, Arizona, so she is fourteen years old. She has a very nice, loving family of six. There are two boys and two girls, and she is the third child. Her favorite animal is an elephant. She likes lasagna a lot, which is her favorite food. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. LaHaie and english is also her favorite class.  Something she misses about the Jr. High is playing dodgeball. She always had a blast doing that.

This is a little bit about Breklee Tanner. She loves that she is at the High School now, and would love to get to know you. Hope you get a chance to know this awesome girl.

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