Steven Noble on the networks

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I am the founder and CEO of Testivate, a startup that provides fast facts about your website, your competitors and best practice.

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I am a publisher of Hack The Gong, the website devoted to startups, hackers and innovation from Wollongong and beyond.

Twitter is where I discuss just about anything that enters my head. It's a mess, but fun.

If we've ever met through work, please connect with me on LinkedIn. Basically, I use it as an advanced address book.

Pinboard is where I record anything I find on the web that I think I might want to come back to later.
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AngelList is where I stay in touch with the startup community, including potential investors and cofounders.

GitHub is where I wear my Rails hat.

Let’s not forget good old-fashioned email! It's by far the best way to send me longer messages.

If we are neighbours, family or friends "in real life", please go ahead and friend me on Facebook.

From 2006 to 2011, I blogged about Chippendale, which was my local area. After accidentally deleting the blog, I recovered what I could and turned it into a PDF eBook .