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Story of a parent adopting their second child

My family is now complete !

- Mrs Chitra Belwadi, Bangalore

I will always remember that smile! "I have been waiting for you all these months" his expression conveyed, and much more when we saw him first.

He was asleep is his crib, with his head turned away from us. I moved him gently towards us to get a glimpse of his face, that woke him up. Half asleep, his first impulse was a smile; the most beautiful I have ever seen. My happiness knew no bounds when I first met our son. He was about 7 months old and we were at the Snehankur adoption center to complete the initial adoption procedures to bring him home.

It all started about a year ago, when I was in the middle of work, my daughter, Medha came to me with a funny bored look and said: Tanvi has Disha (her cousins) at home to play with, Tejas has Tara to play with. Why am I alone at home? I almost fell off my chair at my daughter's demand for a sibling. Yet, that was the trigger for our thoughts of a second child. My husband and I had thought about adoption early on, before we were married. Having Medha had given us a lot of confidence in bringing up a second child.
Adoption, we considered as a wonderful option in expanding our family.
Our first step was to communicate our decision to my in-laws(they live with us). 
We were not sure where to start and approached "Sudatta" (, a well established community of adoptive parents. A few Sudatta members advised us to reach out to adoption agencies in Maharashtra.
We hence approached "Snehalaya", an NGO established in 1987 by a zealous group of volunteers in Ahmadnagar, near Pune.  We felt very comfortable and confident after talking to Dr Girish Kulkarni, founder and Hon .Director of Snehalaya
We had to get a standard set of documents ready after which a social worker from Snehalaya came to our place complete a "Home study".
We were then summoned to the agency where a baby was identified for us. We then set out to Ahmadnagar, completed the initial procedure - The Foster Care Agreement and brought our son home. All this, we were able to accomplish in a span of 3-4 months.
We had a wonderful experience of bringing our boy home. He bonded with all of us, especially Medha from day 1. It is very fulfilling to see our family now - complete.

Some myths and facts about adoption:

Myth: It is extremely difficult to adopt, the process takes years to complete.

Fact: The adoption process initially may seem a bit tedious, but is quite simple once you start and understand the formalities involved.

Myth: Only childless couples can adopt

Fact: According to Indian court of law, a Prospective adoptive parent, childless or with biological child has the right to adopt.

Myth: Adopted children are better off not knowing they are adopted.

Fact: An adopted child almost always finds out that he/she is adopted. It is better to learn this fact from their parents. A child-parent relationship is based on trust and it is best to be honest with your child.

Myth: You can never love an adopted child as much as a biological child.

Fact: Love can only increase with time. After a point, it is almost forgotten how your baby came home, biologically or adopted.