Documents for Adoption

List of Documents for Adoption Process

The list of documents required for Adoption process is below. You can download the formats and templates from the list of attachments below
Please note : Snehalaya handles only in-country adoptions. Prospective parents who are NRI, OCI (Overseas Citizenship Of India), PIO (Parents Of Indian Origin), Foreign Parents are required to register with agencies who handle foreign adoption. 

1) Completed Application form (Download application form below)

2) Completed Medical certificate(Original) for both parents (example reference template below)

3) Completed Questionnaire by both parents- Please elaborate every point & take care that should not be similar    (example reference template below)

4) Copy of Birth Certificate /School leaving Certificate,  Election identity / Passports/Pan card to establish the identity of both parents

5) Copy of Marriage certificate - Marriage certificate is mandatory. Affidavit is not acceptable.      

6) Original Reference Letters from 2 friends and 1 relative vouching for suitability of the family to adopt a child and how long have they known the family (example reference template below)

7) Original Recent HIV test (Eliza) reports for both parents, recant HEPATITIS-B test- Please not that validity of test is six months.     

8) If applicable, a report from gynecologist  indicating for how many days the couple is taking fertility treatment(Original)

9) Income documents 

  • Copy of recent payslip (3 Months)  and income tax return ( 3 years) certificates (If employed)
  • Copy of Income tax returns (3 years) documents and ( if self employed or in business)

10) Copies of Bank statement, Investments, Insurance policies, and property documents to show financial stability

11) Copies of Municipal tax receipts, electricity bills, Ration Card, Adhar card to provide proof of address ( any of the 2 is mandatory)

12) 10 Colored full size (4X6) post card  photographs(parents together) and 10 passport size photograph (Individual)of the adoptive parents.

13) An undertaking Joint affidavit on Rs.100 stamp paper, from the nearest younger relative couples of adoptive parents to take care of the child in case of any mishap to adoptive parents (example reference template below). 

14)  A Police verification certificate to confirm that there are no criminal records against the adoptive parents (Husband and Wife separately in Original)- To get police clearance please send request mail to Mentioning full name,age, full address, contact number along with request to Snehankur. After gating letter from snehankur please submit it to commissioner of police.             

15) Self Certification indicating residence in India for over 1 year along with the address proof from the nearest Tehsil Office

16) Applicable only for prospective parents who already have a child : Birth Certificate of child and medical fitness certificate (same format as for parents) for child. If the child is more than 6 years, a consent letter for that child is also required.

17) Applicable for divorcees only: Divorce decree. 

18) Applicable for parents having Indian passport & working outside the country : A letter from their employer indicating the duration of the project abroad and the planned date of return to India can be used for registration. Only after return to India the process of adoption can be started.

 Note :- Please send one attested photocopy of all these documents addressed to Snehalaya's 
Snehankur Adopion Center,
 Dr. Adakar Balkalyan sankul,
 Lendkar Mala,Balikashram Road,
Telephone +9011026481/2/3
 Land line No. 0241-2321586
 and  ( Residents of Bangalore can contact P.Aveen- +91-9342581009
) . After home study,  3 sets of attested photocopies has to be couriered to Snehankur Adoption Center at Ahmednagar. Please carry the original set when you visit us in person.
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