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Not every orphan child at Snehankur gets adopted !

Snehankur takes life long responsibility of many children not fit for adoption due to their special needs. Mentally challenged, physically handicapped, blind, children suffering from cancer, HIV AIDS and other such ailments are admitted into the organisation and need special care. On an average, 2 critically ill children are admitted into our organisation each month. The treatment costs on an average is nearly a Lakh Rupees a month, required for the survival of these children. 
Snehalaya maintains over 300 children between 2 to 16 years of age. Many of them will never get adopted.

The physical space in our adoption center is now insufficient and we are looking to build a larger facility where all our children can be accommodated. This will enable us to provide quality care to our children with special needs. Contributions from people like you can, not only save lives but also help to improve the quality of life of our children. All donations to Snehalaya are exempt from income tax under section 80G. We provide receipts and maintain accounts for every rupee we receive and spend. So, please donate generously.


Snehankur staff are well trained to attend to the needs of our young infants and children. However, their bandwidth is consumed mostly in feeding and keeping the babies clean. You can volunteer your time and contribute to the overall development of our children. A few hours of playing, singing or just talking to our children goes a long way to our children. 

We also need support in our media and awareness campaigns against female foteicide, awareness regarding adoption and explaining the work we do, especially in rural areas. We provide boarding and lodging facilities for volunteers who are interested in participating with us in such campaigns. We are constantly on the lookout for the support from professionals in areas such as child care, nurses training, use of medical equipment and so on. Please reach out to us with your volunteering interest and we can work out the date/time to visit us.

Create Support Network 

Cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmednagar, and so on where our adoptive parents are largely based from can form  Support Network groups locally. This community will not only help adoptive parents share their insights with each other, but can also look at how they can support the Snehalaya-Snehankur family. It is people like you who have helped us raise funds and expand our organisation. We look forward to your continued support.

Sponsor Children

Full Sponsorship for a child
INR 36000 per year or INR 3000/month/child or INR 100/day/child
This includes food, shelter, clothing, medicines, tuition fees for education, books, school bus charges and personality development programs

Nutritional Support for a child
INR 21900/year/child or INR 1800/month/child or Rs 60/day/child
This includes breakfast, 3 daily meals, packed lunch for school, milk and weekly dessert

Educational support for a child
INR.7200 per year or INR 600/month/child or INR 20/day/child
This includes tuition fees for education, books, school bus charges and personality development programs

Medical Support for a Normal child
INR 1800/year/child or INR 150/month/child 
This includes medicines, doctor's expenses, health checkups including eye and dental care.

Medical Support for a HIV positive child 
INR 3600/year/child or INR 300/month/child or INR 20/day/child
This includes daily medicines, weekly consultation, doctor's expenses, health checkups including eye and dental care,  minor operations and other clinical charges

Personality development support for a child
INR 3600/year/child of INR 300/month/child
This includes Sports, games, cultural programmes, excursions etc

Consumables support for a child:
INR 1800/year/child or INR 150/month/child 
This including tooth paste, tooth brush, soaps, chappals/shoes, hair oil, combs, etc

You can make donations to Snehankur by any of the following means. 

By Cheque / Demand draft 

Please make the payment by cheque or demand draft in in favor of 'Snehalaya' payable at Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra . Send the cheque / demand draft by post to below address
Snehalaya Bhavan, 
Opp Chitra Theatre, Near Mahatma Gandhi Maidan, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India. 414001.
Telephone: + 91 241 2327593, + 91 241 2327555,+ 91 241 2778656
Fax: + 91 241 2323772

By Bank Transfer (In country Donations)

Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Branch: Market Yard Branch, Ahmednagar
Account Number: 01811000053339
Name of Account holder: Snehalaya
Type of account: Savings Account 
9 digit MICR number : 414002001
RTGS/IFSC Code: HDFC0000181

By Bank Transfer (Foreign Donations)

Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch: Main Branch, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra India
Account Number: 11117726495
Name of Account holder : Snehalaya
9 digit MICR number : 414002001
Type of account: Current Account 
SWIFT Code/ Remittance Instructions: SBININBB507

Payment by Credit / Debit card 

Arpan Foundation is a registered charitable organization  under section 501(C)3 in the United States of America. Federal Tax ID# 20-5593243. Arpan collects funds for Snehalaya as a suported project. Every dollar donated to Arapan towards Snehalaya project is transferred to us. Please donate generously. Even a small help can make a big difference to our children's lives 

We thank Arpan for their support in our mission