Build your family. Adopt a child !

"Every child must have a family and an opportunity to find it's potential. Every mother who is unable to bring up the child should be rehabilitated into the society with dignity" - Dr Girish Kulkarni

The Snehankur Adoption Canter, an initiative of Snehalaya, was launched in 2004. Snehankur is a professionally managed, licensed adoption center. The project is managed by a  qualified team of social workers, child care specialists, consulting pediatricians, legal advisors, family counsellors and co-ordinators.

Snehankur was expanded and setup as a separate facility for child care and adoption in Ahmdednagar town, Maharshtra India. Since the last 10 years, hundreds of children have been rescued, rehabilitated and placed in good homes. by Snehankur. Thanks to team's hard work, dedication and professionalism, Snehankur boasts of 'zero mortality' of children and mothers in our care, till today.

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Messages from Parents and Doctors

"I trust in god who lives inside us. I feel HIS presence when I see the work done by Snehankur. The way they bring up each child with love and affection is amazing. Because of passionate dedication of this team, many lives come up from hell to heaven. I salute and wish them good luck"
- Dr. Jaydeep Deshmukh
(M.D. Podiatrist,)

"We have our biological girl of 7 years. We recently adopted a girl child 'Anisha'. She has  changed our life. My elder daughter is so happy and cannot stay for one minute without her. We forget that 'Anisha' is our adopted child. Thanks to Snehankur, our family is complete"
Mr. Ashish Kacholiya and Mrs. Sushmita kacholiya 
(Business family, Mumbai)

"I see the children from Snehankur regularly. I am certain that they are very sensitive and serious about child  health and women rights"
- Dr. Suchit Tamboli 
(Development pediatrician,  M.B, D.c.h)

"We have a rural and poor background. When we were looking to adopt a child, Snehankur treated us very well. We named our son, Shubhankar and we believe he will follow Anna Hazare's steps in his life. We are very happy"
- Mrs Hira and Mr. Bhima Pote 
(Social workers, Tal Parner, Ahmednagar)