Save the Girl Child

‘Yatra naryestu pujjyante, ramante tatra devata’ (Divinity Blossoms where women are honored)   
 - Ancient Indian scriptures

Despite what the scriptures say, India has been home to some of the most barbaric acts against women, including dowry deaths, trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation alarmingly high cases of rape,  molestation, female infanticide and foeticide.

Child Sex Ratio is a sensitive indicator that shows the status of women in a country. The sex ratio among children was 927 : 1000 in India during 2001 census and is continuously declining. Female fetuses are selectively aborted after illegal pre-natal sex determination.

The secondary status of women in our society, considering them a commodity is the root cause of these atrocities. The menace of dowry, fear of loss of face in local community and a desire to keep the wealth within the family are all leading to unsafe abortions and trafficking of children. The apathetic attitude of the administration and  ineffective legislative implementation further adds to the woes of girl child in India. Read More

Snehalaya works to support and rehabilitate unwed mothers and victim women in order to save the girl child and her future.

The objectives of 'Save the Girl Child' project of Snehalaya are as follows

1. To provide guidance, counseling and information for families and women to prevent unsafe abortions and illegal transfer of children
2. To provide shelter, legal help, emotional support, vocational training and facilitating social reintegration of unwed mothers and victim women.
3. To provide excellent care, medical help and affection for relinquished children
4. To find suitable families for adoption, and place the children in good homes, providing them a bright future.

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