Holiday Blog


Three rings...we arrived safely. 

Within the first hour on the coach, all games had been played and drawings had been coloured in! Luckily, we stopped half way for a well earned lunch, which gave Mr Manning the opportunity to buy the DVD “Sing” for the rest of the journey!

No sooner had we arrived, then the pupils were given a quick fire safety talk and sent into their first activities. One group started their major adventure by fencing and the other undertook the blind trail.

Already instructors have commented on their excellent behaviour and good manners. Also, some pupils have already overcome their first challenges, especially on the tunnel in the blind trail.

In the evening, we got to go on a walk around the countryside. Pupils got to see hay bales, sheep and a few close encounters with the cows. In this activity as well, the instructors commented on how well the group did, completing the walk in record time!



The morning began with Mr Manning and Ms Fourie opening the Year 6 Pharmacy! Soon after, the cries of “infected!” ringing around the camp. To Mr Manning’s relief, it was only a game being played by the pupils!

The morning saw two major challenges overcome by the pupils, with both the high rope and abseil activities taking place before lunch. It was great to see all pupils attempt these activities and the support they received from peers was great to hear. In fact in Mr Manning’s group, a rendition of Sean Mendez “Treat you better” was sung to encourage a pupil to complete their abseil.

The afternoon activities saw the class complete the zip wire activity followed by Ms Fourie’s group generating a great sweat whilst fencing. Mr Manning’s group however, had the luxury of a quick dip in the pool, playing water polo.

After dinner, one group had the opportunity to complete their blind trail, whilst the other group tackled the low ropes.

It was a truly epic day, with children facing and overcoming challenges. As this blog is being written tonight, the children are making the most of having the wooded village to themselves playing “Hide and Seek” and some even venturing on their own mini evening walk!

Tomorrow we hit the waves and there is a disco in the air!!



3..2..1..your live!

This morning, along with dispensing medicine, eating breakfast and getting ready for the first activity, Year 6 broadcasted live to the Snaresbrook Prep assembly for an update and an impromptu version of the Year 2 classic “Good Morning” song!

No sooner had the pupils got their five minutes of fame, then it was off to the first activity, Archery. This was the perfect way to get pupils in the mood for their performance of Robin Hood and after working out whether they were left or right handed the activity went off with a twang!!

Just before lunch, the children went into the underground maze. As well as learning about stalagmites and stalactites pupils also got to challenge themselves by walking through narrow corridors avoiding the stalagmites and stalactites they had just learnt about!

The afternoon activities saw both groups working together to design and build rafts. Once built, the rafts were launched onto the lake with varying degrees of success.

Dinner was consumed quickly this evening, in order to allow the most amount of time for getting ready for the Disco! Unfortunately, Mr Manning and Ms Fourie were deemed too embarrassing to attend so you will have to ask your own children how it went. However, Mr Manning has made up some pretty good rumours if you wanted to catch him upon his return!



“The sound of the rustling A’s could be heard throughout the forest...dressed in cagoules and waterproof trousers they led an army down to the water for battle.” Well actually, it wasn’t an army, but the Year 6 class and there were no battles on the water, just fun games using Canoes and Kayaks!

Despite the disappointment of having to settle for either Fruit or Lemon Drizzle cake for pudding at lunch (not the usual Brownies or Chocolate Muffin), the troops carried on their day, tackling the dirty and devilish obstacle course, learning survival skills (skills to survive in the great outdoors, not Mr Manning's humour!) maneuvering around the low ropes and stacking crates.

With just one sleep to go, we asked pupils what is the one thing that they have learnt about themselves or will remember from this week. To start with though, the two biggest kids of the group!

“ I have been so impressed with each pupils ability to not only challenge themselves but to take on their own personal responsibilities this week. This will become beneficial to them as they enter Year7.” Mr. Manning

“It was an absolute pleasure to see the children challenge themselves and achieve more than they could have expected.” Ms Fourie

“I was really proud that I overcame my fear of heights by going down the abseil.” Roisin 

“ I made up a phrase… Face your fear and embrace it!” Akash

“ I learn that abseiling was not sailing it was completely different!” Akshay

“If you think you cannot do it, try and try again.” Rohan

“ I liked the canoeing with Seamus because we worked well together and had fun.” Henry

“ I was impressed I did the high ropes because I am scared of heights.” Keya 

“ I liked the high ropes because it didn't look high but it was and it was great fun when you were up there.” Rian

“I like the raft building because it used everybody's ideas.” Louis

“I was glad I could show the boys how to get out of a tire, like a pro.” Amara 

“Even though I was feeling very frightened in the underground maze, I knew I was never alone with my friends by my side.” Anaya 

“I felt really scared on the high ropes and abseiling. But know I have done it, I feel really happy.” Adelin 

“ I really didn't want to get dirty, but when I did I found it fun.” Aara 

“ The underground maze was really gruelling but I always knew that I would get there in the end.” Seamus 

“ I really enjoyed the opportunity to work as a team in many of the activities we did this week.” Niels 

“ I am really proud of all that I have done this week, even going through the mud!” Sophie Ella

“ I enjoyed the opportunity to get muddy this week.” Sanai 

“ Even though some of the activities were muddy, they were fun.” Soha 

“ I’m really looking forward to going home, but being in Shropshire has felt like another home.” Joe

“At first I was scared of the high ropes and then I ended up going onto the top level. “ Kumari 

Sleep well everyone, see you tomorrow!



Breakfast - done, packing - done, going home - yes please!

This morning we completed our activities at manor adventure centre. One group finished with riffles and then survival skills, with the other group undertaking an orienteering task before shooting some rifles!

With the packed lunches collected, we waited for the coach to arrive and the chance to finish watching “Sing” - oh and going home to see loved ones!!

To finish this blog we wanted to let you know the awards that Ms Fourie and Mr Manning gave out to the pupils for this week:

Funniest story of the week : Rian (we cannot say anymore as it involves relatives!)
Best T-shirt: Rohan (shark attack)
Most chilled out individual: Louis
Best stick collector: Henry
Perfect quiff after sleeping: Seamus
The human encyclopaedia: Akash
Best bed head: Joe
For reading whilst asleep: Niels
Most enthusiastic supporter: Akshay
Fastest dresser: Soha 
The yellow helmet of the week: Sanai 
Best servant of the week: Aara
The itchy award: Amara 
Greatest variety of leggings: Sophie Ella
Best archaeologist: Kumari
Most enthusiastic individual: Roisin
Best diary writer: Anaya
Most brave and courageous individual: Adelin
Friend of the week: Keya

It's just turned 12.30pm and the coach has just arrived. We are on schedule  to leave by 1pm.

See you all soon!!