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Types of Tutoring Available

The Student Success Center offers free tutoring for most freshman and sophomore courses, and a select number of junior and senior level courses.

Tutoring provides an opportunity to practice what is learned in class and discuss what is presented in your course text.  Tutoring allows students to work at their own pace with a tutor who is trained to assist in developing and managing student learning and study strategies.

Weekly Tutoring
Fill-out the tutor request form online.  You can decide to meet once or twice a week with a tutor. 

Come prepared to your tutoring session by attempting the reading assignments before your session, identifying information you found confusing from lecture, and/or bringing challenging homework assignments. Your peer tutor will ask you to work problems, explain theories, and define terms. It's OK if you don't get it right the first time, or even the second. The tutor is there to assist you through the rough spots and encourage you to succeed.

Study Group Tutoring
Sessions will be posted on this page.  Stop in to get a question answered, stay and go over your homework. Prepare for exams and quizzes, work with other students in your class. Come when you need to, and leave when you have to.  The tutor is there for you at the designated times and locations to help you succeed.

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