Learner Research Questions

                   M.Ed. Spring Conference, Jamaica

                                April 13-14, 2013

Teaching with Heart and Soul


Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts.
This is the secret of success. 
-Swami Savananda

Spring Conference 2013 Topics




Title of Research

1.    Andrae McLean


Using Music to improve the reading level of Grade Nine students

2.    Angela Russell


The Impact The Sustained Use Of Formative Assessment Has On Students' Performance In Mathematics.

3.  Angella Murray Boothe


Using games to improve students' mathematical skills in the content areas of multiplication and division.

4.    Beverly Williams


The Effects of Indiscipline on Students' Academic Performance

5.    Carl Moodie


Extrinsic Motivation: Using positive reinforcement to improve the academic performance of a group of agriculture students

6.    Carlington Matthie


Improving Grade ten Students Performance in Mathematics Using Formative Assessment

  1. Charmene Gregory



To what extent will the use of differentiated instruction develop problem solving skills in Mathematics among Grade six students?

8.    Donna Berry-Holland



 The use of Praise and Token Economy to mitigate disruptive behaviors in a grade nine class

9.    Donna Hayles


A Laughing Classroom: To what extent will the use of music improve the performance of a group of grade six learners while creating an emotionally safe environment.

10. Elton Johnson


How will using Sports advertisements as motivation for learning concepts in science increase students participation in class?

11. Gaye Dunkley


How does Administrative support influence the teaching / learning process at a Primary and Junior High School?

12. Glenlee Robinson


Exploring three instructional strategies to improve performance in the teaching of science

13. Jason Scott

Using conferencing to improve creative writing  

14. Joy Cover


Magic In the Classroom.  "Learning and Teaching the Interactive Way"

  1. Kamiel Bantin



How can Music improves the Mastery of Mathematical Concepts among a group of High School Learners?

16. Kareen Reid


Using behavior modification program to curb disruptive behaviour in boys

17. Marsha Finnikin


Using games to enhance vocabulary

18. Maxine Craigie


Using instructional games and simulated activities to Increase hospitality learners comprehension and memory retention.

19. Michelle Compass


Using gaming to teach reading

20. Michelle Desgouttes


The use of a critical friends group to build community among a group of facilitators

21. Nadricka Biggs-Robb


Using the Cooperative Learning Jigsaw Strategy to Improve Academic Performance in Principles of Accounts at the Grade 10 Level.

22. Nicola Smith


From Bored to Screen: Using the interactive whiteboard to enhance phonemic awareness and letter knowledge skills among a group of grade one learners.

23. Norda Roye



Increasing Reading Comprehension - grade 5 group investigation

24. Selma Patterson-Khani


Mediation for The impact of Social Media (Short Messaging Service) on the Way our learners write

25. Sharlene McLean


Using Teacher Written Praise to Curb Disruptive Behaviour.

26. Tracy-Ann Henry-Wilson


"The Effective use of the Question and Answer Relationship Technique to Enhance Students' Comprehension Skills"

27. Valene Williams-Brissett


How can the use of virtual manipulatives in a grade seven classroom improve their mathematics performance

28. Vandolyn Foster


The Impact of Instructional Leadership on Teachers' Performance.


29. Venetia Simpson-Brown


The impact of phonemic awareness instruction on emergent reading skills of five years old.


30. Vivienne Henry-Mills


Using Differentiated Instruction to Improve Academic Performance

31.  Karen Harrison- Anderson            How will the Student Team Achievement Division                                                                         (STAD) a Cooperative Learning Strategy Improve                                                                             Numeracy in a Grade 1 Class?

32.  Marva James                                    How will Face-to-Face Communication and the use                                                                         of Compact Disc Improve Academic Performance in                                                                     Spanish Listening Comprehension among a group                                                                           of students at the Grade 9 level?

33.  Sasha-Lee Steele                             How can the effects of Phonemic Awareness assist                                                                     a group pf Grade 5 students who are reading below                                                                         their grade level?

34.  Shellean Pinnock                            The effectiveness of Classical Music in a Grade 4                                                                             Mathematics class to enhance students' thinking                                                                             skills.

35.  Millicent Watson                               The impact of Instructional Leadership on teachers'                                                                     performance.