Links are Organized into Three Main Sections:

  • News & Mapping
  • American Politics
  • IR/GS/CP (International Relations, Global Studies & Comparative Politics) 

News & Mapping 

News Sources

Mapping/Data Visualization Websites  

American Politics

US Statistics Links

  • FedStats   Stats from 100 government agencies in one place.
  • US Census Bureau  A wealth of stats from the census. 
  • FactFinder2   Demographics at your fingertips at the US Census Bureau

American Government Reference



  • White House
  • American Presidency Project  - Has current and historical information, research and documents on the presidency. Managed and housed by the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Supreme Court


Campaign Finance

  • Project Vote-Smart  - A non-partisan public information group that helps voters find out how their elected officials voted on specific issues and where they got their campaign money. Look for an interest group ratings button and a voting record button.
  • Open Secrets   Tracks money in politics.
  • FEC  - The Federal Election Commission oversees US elections, including campaign finance and has historical elections data.
  • Party/Ideology Selector  The Pew Center’s Political Party Quiz, place yourself on the political spectrum based on your answers to public opinion questions. 
  • Political Ideology Selector  Your place on the political spectrum
  • 2012 Presidential Selector  Select a 2012 presidential candidate (includes various Republican candidates that are no longer in the running).


Public Opinion Surveys
Pew Center   
  • ABC News Poll Vault  ABC News polls
  • Gallup 
  • Harris Poll
    NES  -National Election Studies, at the U of Mich.
  • NORC/GSS - National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey, administered by the University of Chicago. 
  • PIPA   Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA), at the University of Maryland
  • PollingReport -Recent and archives of polls and polling graphics.
  • Roper Center   - A repository of public opinion polls on government and politics, run by U.Conn.
  • Washington Post Polling Washington Post polls
  • World Opinion: the Frame  Website for The Frame, a periodical about survey research
  • WorldPublicOpinion  -Global Public Opinion
  • Zogby Analytics -Zogby has been quite accurate and influential in political polling in recent elections. There is not a vault of polls to browse, but you can enter a public opinion topic into their search engine to find Zogby polls. 

IR/GS/CP-Related Websites  (International Relations, Comparative Politics & Global Studies)

Video  : Visualizing Empires Ending 

The United Nations

Main Organs of the United Nations

UN Specialized Agencies

General Research on Countries

IR/GS Topics: Peace and Security 

Development: Economic and Environmental

Development: Humanitarian and Health

Human Rights

International Law 

International News Sources

IR/GS Think Tanks & Policy Groups