Welcome to ESQ - Ensure Study Quality

By Erik Sigvald Qvale 

I created ESQ in order to help students succeed in the classroom.

Throughout my life I encountered both struggles and success in the classroom.  The combination of both helped me realize the importance of being prepared.  It also taught me that that the quantity of time one puts into their studies does not directly correlate with the success one has.  I have learned that technology today provides new opportunities that educators of yesterday are not aware of.  My goal is to help students transitioning to the next level of their education.  I encourage students to be aware of how today's technologies can make them a more efficient and successful person both in the classroom and in life.

The excerpt below was written about me during my senior year as I interned for St. Mary's University's academic skill department.  During my internship and continuing through to today I have progressively seek new applications and programs that can offer useful assistance to students who are looking to succeed but struggle with the standard textbook and pencil method.  I believe it is important to recognize that just because a student struggles when given a textbook and pencil does not mean they are not cut out to be a college student. In fact studying straight out of a textbook with only pen and paper is training a student for a workplace in a past generation.  Technology is the future of every company and students who can acquire skills in it today will only be stronger and better prepared for the workplace of tomorrow.

(January 2013) As a student who has always had to seek out additional assistance technology in order to maintain honorable grades and remain an active class participant, Erik Qvale has developed the skill of finding what works.  His learning challenges have often required him to use tools and seek assistance.  Finding resources is a skill that was not easily learned as a young child but as the years went on Erik became progressively more involved in assuring he had everything necessary to be successful in the classroom.

Erik chose to come to Saint Mary's University of Minnesota because as a family they agreed that Saint Mary's strong academic support center offered him the best opportunity to be successful. He has worked with Karen Hemker, Director of Saint Mary's Disability Services, since day one of his freshman year.

Erik is now in his last year at Saint Mary's and is finishing up his double major in Marketing and Sports Management with a marketing internship with the familiar faces of the Saint Mary's Student Success Center. He is working hand and hand with Karen Hemker to promote and market this newly formed Center as a resource for all students on campus. He plans to create student and faculty workshops that demonstrate the resources and technologies that are currently used and the benefits to all students.  “I originally use alternative learning technology as a way to be able to keep up with other students in the classroom.  Now it has become such a part of my life I feel it has lessened the burden so much that today there is technology that can help any student succeed, whether they are looking to become more efficient and/or just be more thorough in their studies.”(Erik Qvale)

I graduated from Saint Mary's University in May of 2013.  I am currently employed as the Community Center Coordinator at the City of Shoreview in Shoreview, Minnesota.  In addition to this full-time career position I have continued to assist with alternative technology education for teachers and students.