Advising is part of the Student Success Center, located in the basement of Griffin Hall, 70 Griffin. Advising works closely with faculty advisors, Career Services and Internships, Tutoring, Disability Support Services, Athletics, and Health Services providing a comprehensive advising experience for your four years at Saint Mary's.  

SSC Advisers assist students with: Scheduling courses, declaring a major, evaluating completion of general education or major requirements, developing academic success strategies, and participating in success initiatives.

Helpful Links

Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2015 (pdf version-downloadable)
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2013 (interactive version)
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2013 (pdf version-downloadable)
GPA Calculator - Created by Marta Aleszewicz specifically for Saint Mary's University students, faculty, and staff.
General Education Requirements (for students entering 2006/7 and after)
General Education Requirements (for students entering 2013/14 and after)
Transfer Students - This includes articulation information from Minnesota community colleges.
Advisor Checklist - Use this as a guide when meeting with your students.
Class Scheduling Grid - Use this to map out your classes for next semester.

Make an appointment with an adviser today:


Andrea Gates, MA

Coordinator of Advising and Student Success/Adviser

Student Success Center, 70 Griffin Hall 

Phone: 507-457-1519

Appointment Calendar http://goo.gl/5TFxP8


Brother Peter Killeen, FSC
Learning Assistance Associate/Adviser
Student Success Center, 70 Griffin
Phone: 507-457-1426

Appointment Calendar: http://goo.gl/Agm4mw


Bethany Mota, MS

Student Success Specialist/Adviser

Student Success Center, 70 Griffin

Phone: 507-457-8737

Appointment Calendar: http://goo.gl/05mGTe

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