California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

What is CSF?

CSF is the honor society at Burlingame High School.  It has over 1,000 active chapters statewide with chapters in almost every public and private high school in California.  Our local chapter is affiliated with the state-wide organization and we adhere to its constitution and by-laws.

What recognition is gained from membership?

Honors at graduation include: Preferential seating , name recognized in the program and a gold CSF cord & tassel. 

Who can join?

We welcome applications from any student who has completed at least one semester of high school, although membership based on grades received as a freshman don’t count for honors at graduation.  In order to receive CSF honors on your diploma and at graduation, you must have been a member of our CSF chapter for at least four out of your last six semesters in high school.  This must include at least one semester from your senior year.

How do I join?

Click to go to our Membership page with more details on how and when.

Contact our Advisor:  
Christina Wade