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We have over 30 years' experience of designing and delivering management and teambuilding programmes for blue-chip and international organisations as well as small businesses and community groups.

Whether you need to develop your team members to take on responsibilities andleadership roles, improve cross-team functionality, introduce change or new systems, or to get a project back on track, we can develop a bespoke programme for your team. 

Teambuilding events can be indoors or outdoors and arranged to take place at your premises, at a local venue, or in inspiring countryside or wilderness environments.

We use memorable learning activities to develop problem-solvingleadership andcommunication skills, explore team interactions and resolve conflicts, understand and improve motivation of team members, and get teams in the same department or different departments working together more effectively

Activities can range from art and crafts, 'Apprentice' style business challenges, through to scaling rock faces or descending into underground caverns!

TEAMBUILDING exercises are great fun, but are not just a ‘jolly day out’. 

We use tried and tested team development models based on scientific and psychological research into teams, motivation and learning including Maslow, Herzberg, Handy, Tuckman, Mintzberg et al. 

Learning styles can be assessed using theHoney and Mumford Inventory and used as a basis for improving the ability of staff to learn new work skills.


Whatever business you are in, you have one asset that no-one else can replicate. That is the unique mix of skills and abilities of the people who work for you, and how they apply their skills together to make your organisation a success
By harnessing and developing your teams you will drive your organisation forward. 
Our programmes are based on the most up-to-date research into organisational performance and led by an MBA and experienced CEO.



Give your team an inspiring adventure experience. Develop team relationships and learn to work together. Examples of activities we can build the programme around include team expeditions, business simulations and themed multi-activity challenges.


Teach your team to develop creative solutions within a project management framework, understand team roles and developed shared vision. Examples include fun simulations involving them developing a fictional product and learning how to storyboard, create and manage the production of a film commercial, or constructing a structure to enable the team to cross an obstacle with time, cost and material constraints.


Let your team build an understanding of social responsibility and develop real pride in the organisation and a feeling of belonging. examples include selecting and project managing a small community project such as renovating a room for a local charity or creating a fundraising event for a local good cause

Duration 1 or 2 days, (plus ½ day pre event consultation and ½ day post event evaluation in the workplace), minimum 6 people maximum 20.

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Event Management

Do you need a professional and successful conference or promotional event, but do not have the capacity to run it in-house? Organising events can be complex and time-consuming.

We have a wealth of experience organising major events at national locations. We can provide all event materials and communications, organise and deal with the venue and media, and manage the smooth running of the day.