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Short Courses

SMT TRAINING provides fast-paced and dynamic, short training sessions, covering key subject areas. Sessions can be based at your premises at a time to suit you. Ideal for team meetings or fast-paced work environments. 

INSTANT IMPACT programmes can be used to: 
  • Stimulate new ideas and directions
  • ‘Kick-start’ skills development and create a learning workforce
  • Motivate and enthuse staff
  • Act as a ‘Refresher’
  • Support organisational change and growth
  • Address issues within the organisation 
  • Data Protection Awareness 
  • Motivation 
  • Leadership Styles 
  • The Environmentally Friendly Workplace 
  • Introducing Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace 
  • Short, Powerful Teambuilding Activities 
  • Instant Strategic Analysis Sessions