We are experts in the Voluntary Sector:

We are affiliated to Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation and the Directory of Social Change
We have delivered work for the above alongside the Third Sector National Learning Alliance, Victim Support, Leeds University Union and a host of affiliated voluntary sector organisations and their leaders.

The whole course was full of extremely 
useful tools that I can apply immediately

The most useful part was the 
very detailed knowledge and experience that the trainer has 

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E-mail: lee@smttraining.com

So what, exactly do we do?

Put simply, we share our services to help you and your organisation thrive.
  • We give practical advice based on experience and knowledge.
  • We train and coach the skills that you and your organisation need to succeed.
  • We bring people together and get them functioning as teams.

What makes us different?

Firstly, we've been there and done it. Our director has been involved in running and supporting voluntary sector organisations for thirty years. 

We also recognise that people in organisations are no longer confined to one area of operation.  

We are able to cover all bases and integrate our training and support at all levels, from board to front-line.

Let's just imagine... 

...that you are the CEO or senior manager of a voluntary sector organisation that grew out of a grassroots problem. The solution your founders proposed attracted considerable funding, and the ethos was all about doing things in an ad-hoc way, being totally flexible and it felt great! But then the funding dried up. 

A couple of key board members left, and the rest struggled to find a clear direction. Budgets got tight and  services went through a feast and famine cycle. Letting staff go or relying on short-term employment contracts that were linked to specific pieces of funded work. Repairs to building and equipment were put on hold because there was no financial certainty and you were left relying on outdated technology, writing bids for new computers and printers whilst your services were being curtailed. Staff all stressed out and volunteers hard to recruit.

Any of that familiar? Or possible?
  • We can help your Board to focus and find strategic direction
  • We can help stabilise finances and assist fundraising
  • Help you build structure and long-term stability
  • Help you market yourself and build new supporters
  • Help recruiting and motivating staff
  • Train key staff to ensure they have the skills they need

Strategy helps you know where you need to go.

Management helps you get to where you are going

Teams make sure that everyone gets there together!

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