Long-Range Strategic Plan

St. Mary School 
Long-Range Strategic Plan Update

     We are in the third year year of our current Long-Range Strategic Plan (LRP). Four committees work in the areas of Catholic Identity, Academic Excellence, Enrollment & Marketing and Finance. Committees made up of staff members, parents, school board members and parishioners meet monthly to work on goals and objectives. Co-chairs report their progress at monthly school board meetings. For the current school year each committee is focusing on three objectives listed below.

Catholic Identity

     *Continue providing opportunities for family participation in quarterly Masses and provide guidance to non-Catholics, if requested
           *Develop and implement a Family Service Club
           *Select and offer a video series for families

Academic Excellence

     *Review the method used to evaluate teacher performance, utilizing their strengths and improving their weaknesses
*Review anonymized test scores to prioritize curriculum areas that need asses
*Review level of success/challenges with the new math program

Enrollment & Marketing

*Review and make necessary changes to the Bearly Recruiting Program
*Develop opportunities for our students to interact with St. Thomas families
*Review and make needed changes to the school's website and social media usage
*Develop opportunities for our students and families to participate in community outreach programs


*Draft and distribute a letter showing the financial status of SMS
*Initiate education about development of stewardship in the school and parish
*Conduct and utilize a new time, talent and treasure survey

     As you read this information, you can tell that our main concern is preparing our students for a future in which they will continue to grow in faith, knowledge and service. If you are interested in joining one of our LRP committees, please contact Nancy Mitchell by phone at 773-2825 ext 114 or by email at nmitchell@smseagle.org.